Exclusive Session with Experts

Bonjour Guys !!!

I would like to share my experience of this Exclusive Session with Redhat Experts Mr. Sreejith Anujan and @ Mr. Arun Eapen which actually blow my mind and made me believe that how a complex architecture and the big industrial problem can be solved just by doing simple hands-On with the help of Redhat Automation tools like: Ansible and Ansible Tower.


→ SESSION: Industry Use Case on Automation Using Ansible — Demo(Practical Implementation)

MEDIUM: Online

ORGANIZED BY: Linux World Informatics Pvt Ltd


I had learnt a lot of stuff in the session. It is full of Industrial Problem and a lot of technical Implementation resolved by the Automation Tools. Due to this on going situation how world has shifted towards remote work.

I get to know about Ansible Tower and some implementation using Ansible Tower in quite detail.

👉 What is Automation? How Automation changing world’s criteria?

👉 How and why Remote workers are demanding self services?

👉Why Ansible is one of the most demanded and best automation/configure management tool?

👉What is Ansible and Ansible Tower. Role of Ansible Tower?

👉How to install and setup Ansible Tower? How to integrate Ansible with Ansible Tower?

👉What is job templates in Ansible Tower? Kind of challenges and use cases solved using Ansible Tower?

👉 What is Ansible Collection?

👉What is workflow in Ansible Tower?

👉How to Continuous run different-different playbook one by one?

👉Integration of Ansible Tower with AWS?

👉Integration of Ansible Tower with Slack(notification based Applications)?

👉Integration of Ansible Tower with Oracle cloud?

👉How to create your own credential type in Ansible Tower?

👉For what purpose Python Virtual Environment is created?

⭐️Basic and important mantra taught by the Experts:-

➡️Focus on many small task rather than a big complex process.

➡️Focus on small task to be automated first that will give you experience.

*After attending this exclusive session inspire me to learn more & more and try to implement this kind of Real Industrial Use Cases.*

*I would like to thank my mentors for this great exclusive session.*

Thank you and Regards

Yugal Choubisa




Mr. Engineer, Technical Content Writer, Love to Share knowledge

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Yugal Choubisa

Yugal Choubisa

Mr. Engineer, Technical Content Writer, Love to Share knowledge

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